Tellus Villas



This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an unicorn land lot possessing the holy trinity of incredible location in Hirafu Village,
protected and unblocked expansive views to Mount Yotei and beyond, as well as onsen in your private residence.


Perched on a forested hillside with expansive views of Hokkaido’s dramatic Mount Yotei volcano and overlooking idyllic rice fields, the exclusive TELLUS Villas estate is unquestionably Niseko’s premier luxury resort residential address.

Embedded in a bucolic alpine landscape with short distance to ski lifts, village restaurants and all-season resort services, TELLUS Villas is the only architecturally integrated community of luxury trophy homes within Niseko’s fabled Hirafu Village.

A peaceful, pastoral lifestyle is reflected in the unique architecture of each individually designed residence, all of which are consistent with the protected estate-wide character that resonates with the Arcadian landscape.


TELLUS Villas is conveniently located in the heart of the mountainous areas ofJapan with natural winterand summer attractions for the best comfortable views from both seasons.


1. Ebisutei


8. Powder Room


3. A-Bu-Cha 2

4. Otsukisama and Bar Moon

5. Izakaya Nagomi

6. Rin Japanses Restaurant

7. The Cabin Niseko

9. Bar Gyu+


10. Odin Place


Under Japanese laws, any type of redevelopment on existing rice fields is prohibited, meaning that every each of these 17 lots has protected front views of the fabled Mount Yotei and it will remain unobstructed for eternity.

Several lots also have views of the Hirafu ski fields which, when illuminated at night, are a spectacular winter evening scene.


The architecture of each individually designed residence is unique, but an integral part of a consistent vision for the community to enhance an estate-wide character that resonates with the Arcadian landscape, that reflects a peaceful, cultivated lifestyle and protects the value of every homeowner’s investment by ensuring neighbouring residences are developed to the same high standards.

Waterfall Entrance Water cascading over moss-covered boulders into a
landscaped mountain pond, surrounded by silver birch,
cherry and oak trees with spectacular seasonal color
changes this is the scene that greets arriving as well
as departing residents and visitors. Softly up lit at night
and covered in snow in winter, it transforms into an
alpine grotto with abundant beauty and enchanting mystery.
Road Heating To help maintain access during Niseko’s
famously heavy snow falls, electric Road Heating
is provided for the full length of the road within the
TELLUS Villas development. Independently-switched
heating zones will allow heating to be tailored to the
snow conditions, to ensure the most efficient use of
energy and minimise costs to the Owner’s Association.
Onsen Water An onsen well within the development will deliver
onsen water to each lot via a reticulating pipeline.

Owners can develop their residences with internal
onsen baths or outdoor rotenburo for the magical
experience of taking a hot bath in mineral waters
surrounded by snow and forest with mountain views.

Our Story

The TELLUS brand and logos combine diverse historical and graphic references into a unique whole which is simultaneously traditional, modern and refined.

The original earth goddess in ancient Roman religion, “TELLUS” here celebrates and protects Niseko’s stunning natural beauty. Yet we have sculpted her name in our logo with a geometry inspired by and resonating with the patterns and designs of Hokkaido’s indigenous Ainu arts and crafts, and reflecting Riccardo Tossani’s minimalist architectural style, to transition the spirit of TELLUS into the local context.

The TELLUS concept is an ideal response to Niseko’s reverberations from the mixing of international cultures and the exhilaration of enjoyment of its natural gifts.


The design has been created by Riccardo Tossani Architecture, an internationally acclaimed Tokyo & Niseko-based firm. With a career that has spanned several continents in over three decades, Tossani’s work is founded on the Renaissance notion of design as a creative and intellectual exercise that encompasses the broad spectrum of world making, from architecture to town planning.